time for change

Maturity Model for Lasting Change

Brad Jolicoeur - 11/30/2019
Change is hard as a individual. Implementing lasting change in a team or organization is probably one of the most difficult things one can attempt. I say lasting change, because it is easy to impose short term change, but hard to make that change stick.
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boat competition exercise

Stop Planning Based on Guesses

Brad Jolicoeur - 03/28/2019
Meditating on a software development task and picking a random number is a guess. There are other methods that provide equally effective methods of planning that do not include guesses.
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fast car

Adopting New Technology

Brad Jolicoeur - 02/25/2019
Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, author of The Goal and father of the Theory of Constrain identified Four questions necessary to realize the full benefits of adopting a new technology. These Four questions can be used to help your organization realize order of magnitude advantages when adopting new technologies like the Cloud.
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Private Nuget Feed

Azure DevOps Private Nuget Feed with Docker Build

Brad Jolicoeur - 01/01/2019
I recently had to add a private NuGet package feed to my Azure DevOps build pipeline that creates a Docker container. It looks like a lot of folks are struggling to do the same thing so I put some notes together on how I was able to get it to work without adding secrets to my source control.
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If Everyone Is Responsible, No One Is

Brad Jolicoeur - 11/25/2018
The notion that developers are light bulbs and any developer or team of developers will output the same code or have the same perspective on every pattern seems to be pervasive at pretty much every company I have worked for over the last 20 years. I believe there is a better way to organize your teams so that they have well defined boundaries and ownership of outcomes.
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Message In A Bottle

NServiceBus Message Versioning

Brad Jolicoeur - 10/02/2018
As a software engineers we all know the requirements will change over time. At some point you will need to become comfortable with versioning your NServiceBus messages to adapt to those changing requirements. When you start thinking about the nuances of deploying endpoints that need to handle messages of different versions in flight or in an error queue waiting for retries it can be overwhelming at first. Luckily, there is a straight forward and relatively painless way to make changes to your contracts that will enable your endpoints to process old and new versions in parallel.
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Technical Leader Reading List

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/26/2018
Over the years I have read countless management and technical books and of those books there are a select few that had a profound impact on how I view the world and my capabilities as a leader. I have put together this list of books to share so that others can benefit from their knowledge and so I can remind myself of some books I should periodically read.
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Garden Gnome

Illustrate Requirements with a Gnome Narrative

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/27/2013
I developed the Gnome Narrative method over time as a way to both limit the amount of time I spent defining and illustrating projects and as a way to communicate logical designs to non-technical decision makers. Gnome Narratives have slightly more details than a napkin drawing but not much more. Often the diagram can stand on it's own without much description.
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