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Hello! I'm Brad.

I convert ideas into working software.

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Brad Jolicoeur has 20+ years of experience as a full-stack developer who has designed and implemented custom software solutions for enterprises and packaged software as a service offerings. Throughout Brad's career he has paired his strong technical background with a passion for helping software development teams work well through Lean Software Development methodologies. Some enterprises of note that Brad has implemented solutions for include ARI, Aramark, Comcast and the National Football League (NFL).

Recent Blog Articles

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The Architect Elevator

Brad Jolicoeur - 03/25/2020
The role of Software Architect is typically not well defined in most organizations and I've found Gregor Hohpe's description of The Architect Elevator to be the most enlightening.
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Maturity Model for Lasting Change

Brad Jolicoeur - 12/01/2019
Change is hard as a individual. Implementing lasting change in a team or organization is probably one of the most difficult things one can attempt. I say lasting change, because it is easy to impose short term change, but hard to make that change stick.
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Spring Cloud Config Server For Local Development

Brad Jolicoeur - 07/16/2019
Managing secrets on your development machine can be a challenge. This is evident in the high number of secrets that are regularly found publicly available in GitHub. I recently found that Spring Cloud Config Server running in Docker on my workstation has made managing those secrets without including them in my source control alongside the code a little easier.
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Stop Planning Based on Guesses

Brad Jolicoeur - 03/23/2019
Meditating on a software development task and picking a random number is a guess. There are other methods that provide equally effective methods of planning that do not include guesses.
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