Maturity Model for Lasting Change

Brad Jolicoeur - 12/01/2019
Change is hard as a individual. Implementing lasting change in a team or organization is probably one of the most difficult things one can attempt. I say lasting change, because it is easy to impose short term change, but hard to make that change stick.
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books on bookshelves

Technical Leader Reading List

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/27/2018
Over the years I have read countless management and technical books and of those books there are a select few that had a profound impact on how I view the world and my capabilities as a leader. I have put together this list of books to share so that others can benifit from their knowledge and so I can remind myself of some books I should periodically read.
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Picture of a garden gnome reading a book

Illustrate Requirements with a Gnome Narrative

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/28/2013
Over the years I have been approached by numerous people who have an idea for a great software application or website. Sometimes these are individuals that are looking to start a new business, sometimes they are the executive of the company I work for and sometimes that person is me.
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Team fist bump

Another Benefit of Planning Poker

Brad Jolicoeur - 07/23/2013
I recently lead a team through their first Planning Poker session and had an interesting conversation with one of the team members afterward that I thought I'd share.
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