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Kentico Cloud Page Redirects with ASP.NET Core

Brad Jolicoeur - 02/03/2019
301 Redirects are an important component of any enterprise CMS large or small. This article provides some background on redirects and how to implement page redirects in your ASP.NET Core application using Kentico Cloud as the repository for the list of redirects.
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Saving Registrations Using Azure Logic Apps

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/25/2018
I was recently implementing an online event registration form for a passion project I work on and needed a simple place to store the records that a group of authorized users could access. Google Sheets is a perfect candidate for this requirement since granting access to multiple users is easy and each user can subscribe to get notified when new records are added to the sheet.
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Creating a Website using AWS Lightsail and Docker

Brad Jolicoeur - 09/17/2018
I've been thinking of creating a personal professional website for some time now. I was looking for a place to publish blog articles, my resume, slide decks and project portfolio. As always I was also looking for an opportunity to get exposure to some technology I have not had an opportunity to utilize in my day job.
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Types of CMS Architectures

Brad Jolicoeur - 05/11/2018
Content Management Systems have evolved over the years and there are a few different options available to choose from. Picking the right solution that will be agile and meet the rapidly changing requirements of an online presence is an important decision. This article provides a brief summary of Coupled, Decoupled and Headless architectures, which are the three most common architectures for CMS solutions available today.
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Reasons To Go Headless with Kentico Cloud

Brad Jolicoeur - 05/04/2018
Kentico Cloud has been a significant boost to our online presence and the experience has inspired us to compile a list of the benefits your organization will experience by converting your online presence to the headless CMS Kentico Cloud.
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